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Starfinders Society – Science and Exploration organization. They’ve proven instrumental in stitching the universe together after The Gap. Motto: “Every star; A Lighthouse to foreign shores.” The Keepers – Politically inclined Starfinder Faction with minor goal of establishing a Starfinder Party and a major goal of federalizing the Pact Worlds.

The Trust – A collectivist system that eschews free will. Through a retrovirus that rewrites DNA giving instinctual moral and ethical values they’ve create a unity of purpose.  Ironically you must choose to become part of The Trust of your own free will under no duress and of full comprehension of the consequences. While believed to be extremely advanced, cybernetics and robotics are hallmarks of their technology. The Intrinsic Imperative Movement, a fanatic faction that forces people to join the trust and is a great embarrassment the system.


Orc Rim Regime and Company(ORRC) – Kleptocracy. The regime is both a pirate nation and mining company, their prices can’t be beat on account of rival clans raiding one another and undercutting the Regime’s own prices. Though buyer beware as their raiding is not limited to internal strife.


Lexicon Histocracy – Society based on historical context, the system has broken down due largely to The Gap. Revisionists fill the gap with their version  of history while Canonics protect the status quo ignoring the gap entirely and bridging into ancient history. The Librarians, a solarian order, was also split by the gap. One side adhering to photonic disciplines and the other to gravimetric forces.


Starcade – A vast spherical energy field dotted by three known holes; The Pinhole, The Rabbit, and The Breach. It was discovered 13 years ago and many who’ve ventured within vanish without a trace. Those that return, do so with horror stories. After an incident involving the science vessel Katoshi returning as a ghost ship, the holes have been blockaded, patrolled, and access is restricted.


Darshoga Mercenary Orders(DMO) – The Hobgoblin race has long taken to the stars. They are a marauding fleet that exists purely for conquest. They do not claim any territory, they invade, take the resources they need and withdraw. They’d be a scourge if not that they are easily contacted and, if sufficiently engaged, they only attack as directed choosing the purchase resources rather than raid for them.

Pact Worlds – A system of confederated worlds with close military and economic ties. With no system wide government, the Pact Worlds rely on a council of ambassadors and diplomats make mutually beneficial agreements. The Veskarium, has entered a formal alliance with the Pact Worlds, ending one war, so the two could fight a common enemy; The Swarm.  Military forces within the Pact Worlds include.

  • Stewards, the peace keeping force of the Pact Worlds.
  • Knights of Thrae, Crusaders for Justice, nominally supports Pact.
  • Eoxian Fleet, loyal Pact member
  • Kasathas Fleet, loyal Pact member

The Veskarium - A vast interstellar warmachine. The Vesk are conquerors and if not for the Swarm they'd likely control the Pact Worlds in the next few years.


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