Standard Starfinder Crew Charter


I. Definitions

A. The Crew

i. The Crew is the collective group of persons consisting of the following members:


B. The Contract

i. The Contract consists of all explicit and implicit directives, regulations, bylaws, imperatives, procedures, and any other terms agreed to by all members of The Crew for the duration of The Contract.

C. Contract Duration

i. The contract is valid from the date signed, through stardate _________.

ii. The contract becomes invalid on the first stroke of midnight at the end of the last day of the duration.

iii. The Starfinder Society reserves the right to terminate the Contract early at their discretion.

iv. Individual Members formally removed from the Contract are no longer entitled to its benefits nor beholden to its tenets.

D. The Contract Administrator

i. The Contract Administrator is here named _________________. As a legal member of the Crew, he/she is so named above in sec. I.A.i. “The Crew.”

II. Objectives

A. The Primary Objective of this Crew is to collect, curate and catalogue with the Starfinder Society, survey data related to, but not limited to, the drift, hyperspace, stellar bodies and spacial phenomenon.

B. The Secondary Objective of this Crew is to collect lore, data, and technologies on behalf of the Starfinder Society.

C. The Tertiary Objective of this Crew is to advance the crew’s skills, knowledge, and wealth by undertaking various Quests, Jobs, and Duties during exploration. 

III. Responsibilities

A. Structure

i. The Crew shall be structured such that there is no hierarchy of ranks.

ii. Seniority, where applicable, shall be based on the Experience of the individual member.

B. Decision-Making

i. Decisions which affect the Crew or a simple majority of the Crew are to be decided by a simple majority vote. In the case of a tie the Contract Administrator is allowed to break the tie.

ii. Decisions which affect the Contract, including alterations, addendums, or amendments, are to be decided by a supermajority vote. A super majority vote is one in which at least 2/3 of the Crew must agree upon the decision. All changes must be approved by the Starfinder Society.

C. Leadership

i. No individual member may act as a leader or commander of The Crew, except in extremely limited and/or temporary circumstances.

ii. Titles and ranks, such as royalty, nobility, knighthood, officers, etc, are to be respected accordingly. However titles and ranks do not entitle any individual member to leadership within the context of The Crew or The Contract.

D. Roles

i. The Contract Administrator, as named in section I.D, is responsible for maintenance of The Contract, any official correspondence of CREW NAME HERE and administration of the Crew's finances.

ii. Combat Specialists are responsible for maintaining the security of The Crew.

iii. Magic Users are responsible for using their power to the benefit of the Crew such that the Crew’s Objectives are more easily achieved.

iv. Healers and Wardens are responsible for preventing and healing harm done to any member of The Crew. They are responsible for putting the wellbeing of other individual Crew Members before their own wellbeing, but after the Crew’s well being as a whole.

v. Skill Specialists and scouts are responsible for applying their specific skill sets to the advancement of the Crew towards its goals.

vi. Stewards and Support Personnel are responsible for the Crew’s maintenance, logistics, and miscellaneous needs.

E. Commitments

i. Each individual member of The Crew is hereby committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of their Role.

IV. Regulations

A. Prohibited Actions & Penalties

i. It is forbidden to cause serious bodily or psychological harm to another Crew Member, except in self defense. Any Member found in violation henceforth forfeits all property to The Crew, is formally and immediately Expelled from The Crew and The Contract. This includes, but is not limited to, magical compulsion.

ii. It is forbidden to kill another Crew Member, except in self-defense. Any Member found in violation henceforth shall him/herself be killed, and their property forfeited unto The Crew. Outstanding financial obligations then fall unto the violator’s next-of-kin or legal successor(s).

iii. It is forbidden to steal from another Crew Member. Any Member found in violation once must return what was stolen, plus three times the stolen property’s value into The Crew Fund. Any Member found in violation more than once henceforth forfeits all property to The Crew, is formally and immediately Expelled from The Crew and The Contract.

iv. It is forbidden to steal from The Crew Fund. Any Member found in violation henceforth forfeits all property to The Crew, is formally and immediately Expelled from The Crew and The Contract, and is to have their hands forcibly removed at the wrists.

v. It is forbidden to act against the Crew’s Objectives or aid others in acting against the Crew’s Objectives. This includes willfully violating the contract in such a manner as to risk total or partial failure of achieving the Crew’s Objectives. Any Member found in violation henceforth forfeits all property to The Crew, and is to be executed in a manner and at a time of the Crew’s choosing by simple majority vote. The violator is considered formally Expelled from The Crew and The Contract prior to Execution.

vi. It is forbidden to engage in high-level diplomacy (including negotiations with heads of state and acts of war) without the consent of The Crew. Any Member found in violation henceforth forfeits all property to The Crew, plus all funds paid to the violator over the course of the current Contract, on further penalty of being found guilty of treason by way of acting against the Crew’s Objectives (see Sections IV.A.v.)

B. Dispute Resolution

i. Disputes shall be resolved by a supermajority vote (2/3).

ii. If two or more individual members are in conflict, they have the right to agree upon a duel and the terms of said duel to resolve the conflict.

iii. Contractual disputes are to be clarified in correspondence with The Starfinder Society through the Contract Administrator.

iv. Universal Credits and Universal Polymer Units are the preferred form of payment, followed by local currency, followed by barter-able property. The value of barter-able property, where it affects The Crew, must be agreed upon by a simple majority vote.

C. Standard Operating Procedure

i. General Conduct

1. The Crew shall conduct itself in a manner cogent to and consistent with the efficient achievement of its Objectives. Where necessary, tactical considerations shall be made to ensure the safety and success of the Crew. Where necessary, proper etiquette in accordance with local customs shall be followed to ensure a professional appearance.

2. When sleeping in an unsecure or unsafe area, the Crew shall set up a rotating Watch. Each Crew Member must participate; severely wounded Members are excluded from Watch duty so they may recover. The willful dereliction of Watch duty is considered Treason as defined in section IV.A.v of The Contract.

ii. Combat

1. Combat Specialists are to be the primary source of tactical authority when in combat. In general, threats are to be quickly assessed, prioritized, and neutralized. Enemy spellcasters represent a greater threat than hired thugs, for Example.

2. In the event of a Fallen Crew Member, the Crew is hereby contractually obligated to make every reasonable attempt to prevent Death, including immediate evacuation of the critically wounded or a full tactical retreat in order to provide medical aid, under penalty of Treason as defined in section IV.A.v of The Contract.

iii. Prisoners

1. The Crew may take and indefinitely detain prisoners, provided they are reasonably cared for. The Crew must determine its own guidelines for prisoner interrogation, handling, release, discipline, and transport. Execution of prisoners must be decided by a supermajority (two-thirds) vote of the Crew. Considerations must be made for the acquisition of useful information, ransom, and morality, when dealing with prisoners.

2. Prisoners must be remanded to local authorities when asked, unless there is overwhelming probable cause to believe that doing so conflicts with the Crew’s Objectives.

iv. Exploration

1. The Crew must swiftly join in formation, with a scout or skill specialist at the forefront, followed by combat specialists, followed by high-risk members of the Crew or persons travelling with the Crew, followed by spellcasters, and if possible, trailed by a scout or skill specialist for rear security.

2. Scouts or skill specialists are responsible for the detection and neutralization of threats presented by traps.

V. Finances

A. Crew Fund

i. The Crew Fund is managed by The Contract Administrator, and grants equal access to each official and legal Crew Member. The Contract Administrator is not to willfully interfere with the affairs of the Crew Fund under penalty of Theft as defined in section IV.A.iv.

ii. The Crew Fund also includes the Slush Fund, a small depository of cash equaling between X and 2X Universal Credit per Crew Member in value. The Slush Fund is drawn from the Crew Fund and must be maintained at all times. The Slush Fund provides for food, lodging and minor incidentals for the Crew.

iii. The Crew Fund’s status is to be made knowledgeable only to the Crew: it shall therefore be considered a contractual secret. The Crew Fund's status is to be made available at any time.

iv. Crew Members may borrow from the Crew Fund with no interest. Loans must be approved by a simple majority (1/2).

v. Crew Members may exchange items and cash between the Crew Fund and their own private funds with unanimous approval from the rest of the Crew.

vi. At any reasonable time, the Crew may unanimously vote to Distribute Payment from the Crew Fund. The items and cash within the Crew Fund are then distributed equally among all Crew Members. Individuals may purchase items from the Crew Fund at 1/4 their appraised cost, with a simple majority vote.

B. Salvage

i. Salvage encountered is to be placed into the Crew Fund.

ii. If a Crew Member can demonstrate an immediate need for an element of salvage, they may borrow it from the Crew Fund until the need has passed.

C. Payment

i. Payment made to the Crew goes into The Crew Fund.

ii. While under Contract, a Crew Member which enters into a separate Contract with a third party that includes payment paid specifically to that Crew Member, the Crew Member is hereby contractually obligated to remand 50% of their payment into The Crew Fund under penalty of Theft as described in section IV.A.iv. Money earned outside of contracts is hereby contractually obligated to remand 10% of their payment into The Crew Fund under penalty of Theft as described in section IV.A.iv.

D. Optional Surcharges

i. Life Insurance

1. The Crew Member can request to activate his life insurance plan and must make a monthly payment of X Universal Credits into the Crew Fund.

2. In the event of death or dismemberment of a Crew Member with active Life Insurance, the Crew is contractually obligated under penalty of Treason as defined in section IV.A.V. to pay for the Resurrection or Restoration of the dead or dismembered Crew Member as quickly as possible. Payment comes first from the deceased member's funds (gems, gold, selling of equipment) and then from the Crew fund. Monies drawn from the Crew fund must be repaid in a timely manner with no interest charged. If there is not enough funds for the individual to be healed, a 'Gentle Repose' spell will be cast upon them often enough so healing can occur later.

3. If a Crew Member without active Life Insurance dies or is dismembered, see section VI.A. for details.

VI. Extraordinary Circumstances

A. Death of an Individual Member

i. Each Crew Member is responsible for maintaining their Will and Testament.

ii. The Crew is under no obligation to resurrect dead Crew Members without active Life Insurance (see section V.D.i.)

iii. Upon the death of a Crew Member, the Crew must make a Payment Distribution from the Crew Fund as soon as is reasonable, including any dead Crew Members in the Distribution. All funds and property of the Deceased are to be remanded to the next-of-kin or legal executor of the Deceased’s Estate. If there is no next-of-kin or legal executor of the Deceased’s Estate, the Deceased’s funds and property shall be used to provide a reasonable Death Rite (burial, funeral, cremation, etc.), and any remainder shall return to the Crew Fund.

iv. Upon execution of the Death Rite, or upon releasing the Deceased’s remains unto their next-of-kin or legal executor of the Deceased’s Estate, the Deceased is henceforth removed from The Contract.

v. The Crew is Contractually Obligated to add an objective seeking some form of vengeance or reparations, as required, for each Crew Member killed in the execution of the Crew’s attempts to achieve the Crew’s Objectives.

B. Warfare

i. In the event that large-scale, sustainable warfare breaks out which partially or fully and directly involves any one of the Crew’s individual Members, the Crew must immediately convene and vote on whether to suspend the Contract temporarily, or to add provisions to this section (VI.B.) which specify contractual directives and obligations related to the warfare.

C. Titles & Land

i. Titles bestowed to any individual Crew Member are the sole possession of that Crew Member, and may not be applied to the Crew.

ii. Lands or properties bestowed to any individual Crew Member are the sole possession of that Crew Member. The rest of the Crew are not obligated to pay its taxes, nor may they benefit from the Land in any way not sanctioned in writing by the rightful Owner.

iii. For the Duration of the Contract, each Crew Member must allow access and passage through any property or territory they own to the rest of the Crew.

iv. And land or property acquired by or bestowed upon the entire Crew becomes the fequal responsibility of all Crew Members. A Crew Member may sell their share of ownership of Crew Property or Land to the Crew Fund.

v. In cases of Crew ownership of land or property, the majority shareholder becomes the manager and primary executor of the land or property, and votes regarding decisions made concerning the land or property are weighted according to shares held by individual Crew Members.

D. Universal Threat

i. A Universal Threat is a serious threat to the continued existence of large parts of the population, planet, or reality, itself as acknowledged by at least one expert on the subject.

ii. In the event of a verified Universal Threat, the neutralization of the Universal Threat automatically becomes the primary objective of the Crew.

iii. The Crew may only remove the neutralization of the Universal Thread as an objective by unanimous vote.

iv. The Crew may vote unanimously to temporarily suspend the Contract in cases where contractual obligations may potentially interfere with the neutralization of a Universal Threat.

VII. Signed

The signatures below represent those persons solemnly sworn into this Contract for its Duration.



Standard Starfinder Crew Charter

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